No logo or screenshot
Creator(s) SpaceToad
Mod Type(s) Grid Lava BucketGrid CakeOhshitAv-991899
Website(s) Official Website
Requires ModLoader

BuildCraft is a mod that comes with Tekkit or the Technic Pack but can be downloaded individually if wanted. It adds many machines into the game that can be used to make surviving simpler, and also some engines that many other mods tend to use for their machines' power.

Items and RecipesEdit


Wooden Pipe
Grid Grid Grid
Grid Wooden Plank Grid Glass Grid Wooden Plank
Grid Grid Grid

Stone Pipe
Grid Grid Grid
CStone Glass CStone
Grid Grid Grid

Iron Pipe
Grid Grid Grid
Iron Glass Iron
Grid Grid Grid

Gold Pipe
Grid Grid Grid
Gold Glass Gold
Grid Grid Grid




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